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Kassim Nicholson signed with Spartak

Kassim Nicholson, SF, signed with BC Spartak from Subotica.

Jurcek extended with BC Vrsac

Ziga Jurcek, SG, extended the contract with BC Vrsac.

Ilic signed with Buducnost

Vojin Ilic, SF, signed with ambitious club Buducnost Bijeljina.

Ilkic signed with BC Spartak

Aleksandar Ilkic, PG, signed with BC Spartak from Subotica.

Brkic signed in Romania

Veljko Brkic,C, signed the contract with BC Ploiesti from Romania.

Hasandic extended with BC Spars

Almir Hasandic,SG,extended his contract with BC Spars.

Ziga Jurcek,SG,signed his contract with Serbian team BC Vrsac.

Vojin Ilic,SF/PF,signed his contract with BC Vrsac.

Manojlovic in Greece

Nemanja Manojlovic,PG,signed the contract with BC Triton Athens.

Savic joined BC Kormend

Stefan Savic,SF/PF,signed his contract with ambitious Hungarian club,BC Egis Kormend.